A downloadable Confusion for Windows

"An advanced experimental treatment facility in France (Laboratoires Ordinaire) is conducting tests on schizophrenic patients. The experience allows users to “lucid dream” and collect significant objects from past memories. Jason has no idea that he is in this test, since his memories have been wiped from a drug-induced coma. His girlfriend came home one night finding him next to a needle. The hospital offered the experimental treatment knowing that normal treatment would not bring her boyfriend back to reality.  In this test, you are Jason. Collect memories to escape your mind."

Clue object and statue artist / Project Director - Dustin Howard

Programming, Story, and UI - Austin Hale

Composer - Dylan Beaudry

Environment Artist - Conor Powers Stout

Character Designer / Texture Artist - Simone Connolly

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


Confusion Game

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